5il3ntm0th is the second of Never's mysterious advisors. She makes an appearance a few weeks after 1AmTh3H3ll10n, using the same code to relay messages. Aside from the rare coded message, she also communicates by giving Never and her followers "rules" that tend to contradict advice given by 1AmTh3H3ll10n and the Nightmares. She prefers to contact a chosen few privately, openly saying that she would not work with such a large, impersonal group.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

5il3ntm0th is much like 1AmTh3H3ll10n in the sense that she does not show herself in any way in videos, thus shrouding her identity in mystery and leading to multiple theories as to who she could be. When she first reveals her presence, she warns Never that she is not safe, later extending it to include everyone involved. When her advice is ignored, she tends to react violently, threatening not only Never's life, but the lives of Sparrows or even outsiders such as Hanna. She often refers to 1AmTh3H3ll10n as being a "creature of the dark", proving that she is strongly opposed to Never's other ally. Further, she makes every attempt to cut off contact between Never and 1AmTh3H3ll10n or the Nightmares. While it seems as if she has Never's safety in mind, it is uncertain if she wants something in return for her help.

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