Members of each group of people will be posted here.


The "main" character group consists of the few that are revealed in the Log #1, Decode #1, or Decode #2 videos. These characters are Never, 1AmTh3H3ll10n, and 5il3ntm0th.


The Nightmares are a group of "proxies" under the control of Slenderman and led by Santana. It is suggested by 1AmTh3H3ll10n that Never try to contact this group, though they prove themselves to be more dangerous than most would have ever thought them to possible be. They consist of SantanaSoulFalconWraith, and Beta.


The Shadowlurkers are a group similar to the Nightmares, though they have no direct interaction with Never or her inside group. They are under their own control, more of a cult than anything else. They are the reason that Hanna agrees to help Never in her search for answers. This group consists of HeraBlacklightShardTwilight, and Scale.


This group of people is simply the ones that are not part of Never's inside groups. The few in this grouping are Chaos/HannaSilverSilence, and Atako, members of another series who are temporarily offering their support.


The Sparrows are the viewers dedicated to helping Never through this trial of fire, whether it is by decoding messages, solving riddles so that Never can receive more information, or simply being there to encourage her.

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