Hanna was explaining the riddle from Wraith at the time. Silver seems to be somewhat surprised.

Silver is Hanna's most constant companion through everything. She was recently kidnapped and rescued by HannaSilence, and Atako.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Silver bears striking resemblance to Soul, who could possibly be her missing sister. She has light blonde hair and dark brown eyes with pale skin. She has only recently turned 21.

Silver is very quiet and rarely talks, though she seems to know more than anyone else does at this point. She is very cautious, almost to the point of being considered paranoid. She is fairly easy to convince if she is unsure of a situation, though she refuses to change her views on the Nightmares and the Shadowlurkers.

She is unwilling to help Never beyond making everything stop, which has proven to make her difficult to work with. She has, though, prevented Silence and Atako from causing more problems.

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