Soul is one of the only two known female members of the Nightmares. She is often referred to as a "rogue" or "rogue goddess" by Never, reflecting that she isn't like the rest and is possibly immortal. She was supposedly caught by Santana while secretly giving information to Never.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Soul appears to be human, unlike many of the others. She appears as a blonde haired girl of about 19 or so, with pale skin and dark brown eyes. She wears a grey cotton hoodie left unzipped and a white mask covers half of her face. It is uncertain of whether or not she is really a human, though it is doubtful. She has a very similar appearance to Silver's sister who had disappeared.

Soul is entirely against lead Never and the Sparrows to destruction, thus leading to her leaving important clues for Never and constantly warning her against certain people or actions. She seems to be unafraid of what will happen to her if she is caught, telling Never that "Santana's strength can only go so far. He will break in the end." She is assumed to be the one who introduced Never to Wraith and the riddles.

Not long after making the comment about Santana's strength, Soul was caught and "executed". It is believed that she did not really die and that perhaps Wraith freed her and she is currently in hiding until the focus is no longer on her.

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